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Assuming you've copied the scripts and icons into their appropriate folders and have restarted Maya (or run the mel command "rehash"), you can bring up the script UI by running the following bit of mel in the command line (or script editor): Now let's begin at the "Start".

Enter your character name in the text field and click "Create a Skeleton".

Travel here is as enjoyable, frustrating and cheap as it gets.

The Maldives has only recently opened up to independent visitors and almost nobody goes to Bangladesh and Pakistan (parts of which are unsafe).

For Northern Asia (China/Mongolia/Japan/Korea) go here. For South East Asia (Thailand/Philippines/Singapore/ One of the four main low [travel] cost regions of the world (SE Asia, South/Central America, being the others).

I noticed the existing guestbook scripts, Advanced Guestbook and i-dream.net, have some updates available.

I can't find an official change log, but I expect some of these updates are security-related, so I am marking the severity at medium.

The bulk of visitors discover the amazing beaches in India/Sri Lanka and two of the world's most spectacular mountain ranges.

Advanced Guestbook is a PHP-based guestbook script.

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