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The exhibited pages feature the Surah Nuh (Noah), with a mention of the Flood and Noah's role as admonisher.

An illuminated Latin Bible produced in Arras, France in the late 13th century.

But as soon as this task is accomplished, scholars are faced with new challenges: Do insights from the scrolls add to the Masoretic text (known as the original Hebrew Bible text, or the the original Hebrew Bible text be modified based this information?

This fragment, written in ancient Greek, contains the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew (Chapter 1: 1-9 and 12-20), which begins with the lineage of Jesus, then describes how Mary became with child by the Holy Spirit.The Dead Sea Scrolls did not, as some early dreamers speculated, answer the age-old question: Where is the original Bible? Nor do the scrolls include long lost books of the Bible.Furthermore, the scrolls did not utterly transform our image of the original Hebrew Bible text.Did the Jews borrow their flood story from the Sumerians?Did both accounts arise from a common real event in the distant past?

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