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The report is authored by the HHS Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force – a team comprised of top IT security and technology experts in both the public and private sectors, including Imprivata’s own David Ting.

Along with 20 other individuals, David has worked to develop recommendations in six strategic areas that will help healthcare organizations to combat cyber threats.

So there you have it, Microsoft has publicly confirmed the bump in version number from 6.4 to 10.0.

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Digital transformation and desktop virtualization are accelerating in healthcare, and the historically paper-based industry is going electronic.

But as digitization accelerates, so do cyber threats, as evidenced by the recent Wanna Cry attack.

I need this function to start to get location and datas. Would be nice if Apple's documentation team could get around to updating the docs to reflect this (ever hear of the term "1,000,000 monkeys on a million typewriters"? But sometimes we want the user location for other purposes ( log it in some database, to use it to see what stores and or location-based special deals we might offer, etc.).Earlier today, it was revealed that Microsoft had bumped the NT Kernel version of Windows 10 from 6.4 to 10.0.Win Beta understands that this change has been apparent since build 9884, which was compiled on November 9.

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But healthcare needs to take into account more than just technology in order to have a truly valuable security strategy.

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