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The question “what are you looking for in a relationship partner? Common attributes that come to mind include intelligence, kindness, sense of humor, attractiveness, or reliability.

No matter what we think we’re looking for in a partner, the people we wind up choosing don’t necessarily match our criteria for an ideal companion.

are made in heaven, but when it comes to selecting a life-partner it can’t be left to destiny or luck, right?

You need to make an effort to know the person better and have shared interests.

Means, from our birth to becoming young and in many case adult we spend our life with our parents and then onward we spend our whole life with our husband or wives.

So, it means that at least half of the life and in many cases one third part of our life we spend with our spouse.

All the decisions you make will be together, you’ll have to sleep next to them every night and you’ll still have to love them when you’re both old and wrinkly.

Physical, emotional and intellectual maturity can be termed as ingredients that will lead to the stability of a relationship in the future.

So, find out how matured and mentally prepared s/he really is before getting hitched. Good Family Background This is of utmost importance and can’t be ignored, as marriage is not just the coming together of two individuals but two families.

Do not oversight these trait in life partner because when you select someone as a your life partner he/she not only share your room or house or bed but apart from that he/she share their personality so they must be in a position to co-exist, not only that despite of having different personality, race, religion, belief, class, community & cultural differences they must be capable of existing or living together in harmony.

So, compatibility is one of the most desired quality of a life partner, never ignore it. INTEGRITY : “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters” Albert Einstein Above quotes speaks volumes about integrity.

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