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The day after he was joined by London-based blogger Maggie Petrova and another ex, British model Ella Ross.

The Las Vegas gay scene has a friendly, small-town feel.

London is very rich in history that is why museums abound this magical place.

If you have been a fan of castles and fairytales as a kid I am sure that you will enjoy your tie in London as well.

Apollo theatre ceiling collapse - ' I've never seen an incident like this,' says fire chief The Apollo theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue suffered a ceiling collapse during a performance of The...

Liverpool is packed with bars and nightclubs all within walking distance of one another. It means you don't have to travel all over the world like you do in most big cites to find Liverpool's best bars and nightclubs, everything is just there, literally.

Most of the time it's just down to the doorman's discretion and what rules the venue has in place.

London taxis voted best in the world for sixth year in a row; London passengers are the world's most amorous London's taxis have once again been voted the best in the world, this time in a survey of 2,683...

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