Filemaker total record count not updating

Using File Maker 11’s new Portal Filtering feature, you can now show filtered views of related records in portals without having to define new relationships. How about dynamically filtering your portal data while you’re typing letters into your search field!

With a very simple script (4 steps), a custom function and a script trigger, you can search data in your File Maker portals the same way you search for music in i Tunes! Add portal filtering that uses a custom function you will create.

Attempting to address only database optimization without first addressing the server environment will limit the impact of the database optimization activities.

When selecting the proper hardware for a File Maker Server deployment, you must consider: The disk sub-system is the most important factor followed by the processor.

It is capable of capturing 80,000 primary keys in about 10 seconds.

They also discovered that if you are building long strings with a looping File Maker script, it can be faster if you write each loop’s string to it’s own $variable and then later compact those variables back into one variable. Jason Young of built the multiple field support for version 2.0 None Completely Free!

(Update Version 2.0.1 1/29/2014 – fixed the bug reported by Tim Anderson – more info here) (Update Version 2.0 1/8/2014 – added support for up to 5 fields, detects and uses List Of) Post and video over at (Update 10/7/2013 – added trailing return to maintain backwards compatibility ) (Update 8/20/2013 – new and improved faster list function. ) (update 7/2/2013 fixed a bug that caused Hyper List to drop records when hitting found counts that ended in “01”.

101, 301, 100201, etc.) Hyper List is a very fast, completely abstracted module for capturing a found set of Primary Keys to a variable, for use in File Maker Virtual List techniques.

With the File Maker PHP API you use the set Range() method to request only part of the found set of records by passing in 2 paremeters: the first parameter is the number of records to skip past and the second parameter is the maximum number of records to return.

Say you do a search and you find 52 matching records.

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Since the File Maker Server moved toward full 64-bit support in version 12, the platform is now able to make best use of all hardware and software resources applied.

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