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This Corona teaching model has colorful animals printed on round keys and corresponding animal rings to fit on each finger.This mechanical version of the "concentration" game would be welcome in most any typewriter collection.Like the Corona Junior and Royal Signet, the Underwood Junior was a no-frills, low-cost depression-era portable.The model name of this Underwood standard is not labeled anywhere on the machine.If you’re looking to purchase an antique Smith-Corona typewriter or looking to restore one you already have, one of the first things you need to know is when your typewriter was made.There are a number of places online that can help you date your typewriter. 5 differed in the number of character keys, with No. Options, such as ribbon color selector, were added to all over the years. The Underwood and Remington variants of the Noiseless Standard do indeed vary in some details, and it is true that many patents for alterations and improvements to the design were taken out over the years not by Remington, but by Underwood. Underwood Noiseless Standard Tilman Elster collection Serial number 3942070, built 1935.

For a donation, fans can use a typewriter once owned by Orson Welles or John Lennon to jot off a few lines of their own.Even the cardboard disk advertising Ell Wood ribbons and paper, which would have been displayed with the machine in the store, is still intact.On the back of the Ell Wood promo is penciled, "Insp. B." Could these be the initials of an Underwood factory inspector? Though unlabeled, the lack of backspace, tab, or margin-release keys says that these must be the Underwood Junior.This model was also known in sales literature and by dealers as "Rhythm Touch" and as "Master Model." This is confusing, as some earlier variants with the original carriage return were known by these names, or similar. 1 was first introduced in the years just before 1900 and was the machine upon whose reputation the Underwood legend was born. This project is the result, and will be added to as variants are identified. var width = window.inner Width

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