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As they are truly CFNM fetishists themselves, they want to know what you […]Sorry for the delay in updating, but there’s been a confluence of things that have kept me from having a lot of free time. But for today, I’ve got a pretty hot mix of CFNM exhibitionism videos.Starting first are four videos of amateur Japanese women […]I know I recently did a softcore CFNM post here, I feel more traditional CFNM needs to be represented.So if no endpoints are sending HD then there is no HD video to be received, thus even with a wide deployment of dual-core systems this fact is still obscured.But with the recent availability of quad-core workstations and third-party video endpoints all capable of sending HD 720p resolution over RTV then this behavior is starting to become more common-place.Before trying to invent the wheel, it's best to check if the wheel has already been invented, and one of the best places to look for Confluence-related solutions is Atlassian's Confluence development project.After perusing approximately 100 comments on the aforementioned JIRA ticket, it became obvious no tried and true solution would present itself. I knew the solution had to be easy to use – ideally with only one click – otherwise it would be neither practical nor time-saving. Yet just as I started thinking that this wasn't going to be a short walk in the park, it hit me: what do we use everyday that requires just one mouse click and already lives in our browser toolbars? Bookmarks can contain any URL with a valid URI scheme (you might be familiar with the most well known examples, such as mailto: and ftp:). The content team would just have to click on a bookmark and voilà, their blog post template would be inserted.Some of these devices even support 1080p capturing (the Microsoft Life Cam Studio for example) but the Real-Time Video (RTV) codec is limited to utilizing 720p/30 at most.

From simply improving the quality of desktop peer-to-peer video collaboration to allowing interoperability between Lync and existing dedicated high-definition conferencing and telepresence solutions the prominence of life-like, usable video is growing in the personal computer arena.New blog posts are also not displayed using the Blog Post Macros.I unfortunately don;t know exactly when this started.We have the Blog Post macro embedded on our site's home page. I see a post proposing that the solution is to rebuild Content Indices.

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