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Master of the gag cartoon, Husband's jokes are cut through and straight to the point: whether slapstick humour, faux cruelty to animals, humans or aliens, there's always a laugh-out-loud moment of incredulity.

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But we doubt you’ve ever seen a moment from the show look quite like this.

Newbridge based animator Glenn O’Neill has taken a moment when a Mayo man called in to chat with a sex therapist and animated it.

On 2 March 2017, the Facebook page “1,000,000 Supporting Traditional Marriage” shared an image featuring two male Disney figures engaging in a kiss, along with the claim that the studio had just aired its first ever same-sex kiss between animated characters: did feature a same-sex kiss in an episode that aired on the Disney XD cable channel — the pictured characters were not involved in that moment of animated affection.

This images features a rendering of two characters from older classic Disney animated feature films — Prince Eric from (1959) — that was created by Mexican artist Rodolfo Loaiza for a series called “Disenchanted Disney.” The kiss Loaiza depicted did not actually appear in any Disney television program or film.

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