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The app uses We Chat technology (turn on airplane mode, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) to connect without using data or relying on spotty plane Wi-Fi.However, the chat feature only works up to 70 meters (230 feet), so those looking to connect with everyone possible on board should probably book a seat in the middle of the plane. For those who travel too frequently to ever use the app to find a relationship, Air Dates’s website points out that you can chat with nearby users to share a cab into the city, find out what’s cool a destination or even uncover secret frequent traveler’s airport hacks.Gabbie Hanna, star of the popular Vine series, “The Gabbie Show”, is no stranger to sharing her every move with over 2 million of her viewers.While the majority of her posts are witty and light hearted, she’s opening up and giving a glimpse of her softer side.Air Dates, which bills itself as “the only in-flight dating app,” aims to make air travel an opportunity to find love—before, during and after a flight.

See Also: The Best Travel Apps of 2016 And while in the air, travelers can open their app and connect with other singles onboard.

However, with men greatly outnumbering lone female travellers by 15 percent, meeting at the airport can be turbulent.

A survey by a destination-dating website polled 2,000 single female travellers to reveal which airlines single women travelled with most often.

Adventure exposes people for who we really are, and disarms us in a positive way.”Since its launch, the website has amassed over 275,000 members worldwide, and is still growing.

It was founded by MIT alumni and online dating expert, Brandon Wade, and joins an impressive brand family of successful niche dating websites.

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