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On a cold December day in 2013, he stepped on the senior bus in Leominster, Massachusetts, and saw Gillian. He sat in the seat in front of her, pulled out his i Phone, turned around and started talking about his latest trip and his experience as a traveller.

Gillian, as she explained to me later, was startled at first, but let him talk. This guy is really trying to impress me with his travelling overseas, he probably thinks I haven't been anywhere." She has seen much more of the world than my father has.

What if you meet someone, become serious with them, your child gets attached to them, and they leave? It's a huge insecurity of mine that makes me fear that I won't be attractive to anyone I may date. I'm loyal to a fault and I would never hurt the person I'm with.While Aries are natural born leaders, nothing will drive them away faster than a stage five clinger (or any stage clinger for that matter).As long as you have your own lives and hobbies that are separate from one another, in addition to the life you have together, then you should be in the clear. All of the opportunity and all of the adventure that it has to offer is overwhelming for some, but not for this fire sign.WASHINGTON • My father and I have always been close, but he has never been a person I turned to for dating advice. While he wasn't the best at advice, he has set a good example. But I could tell the end of my marriage in 2014 saddened him and that he wanted to see me settled.

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